Located Near May, OK.

Bred Cows

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Nebraska Origin- Coming 3 yr olds- Bred Angus & Hereford!

A very uniform and great disposition set of all coming 3 yr olds that all weaned a baby and are bred back to 2- Gardiner Angus and 1- Indian Mound Hereford bulls that are sons of high growth and above average marbling CED12+. They will calve March 25th thru June 5th. These dolls will have the Cattlemaster VL5 and be repregged prior to leaving the ranch. They come off a Nebraska ranch as heifers out of their program and will make a nice set of herd building momma cows.

Total Hd


Cattle Age


Cattle Breed

Black Angus;Black Baldy

Calving Date


Bull Info

2- Gardiner Angus and 1- Indian Mound Hereford bull


Very Gentle

Home Raised


Cow Weight