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Bred Cows

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Big Sort of good using bred cows- Calve April 18th 65 days!

Lots of life left in these girls and they are all just preg checked and mouthed. This set is the broken mouth girls that are bred to Black Angus bulls from Fulton Angus to calve April 18th for 65 days. They all raised a baby this year and you can sort for the good ones. If you need a set of cows to get you out a jamb and take advantage of a snappy calf market-here they are. All bangs vaccinated and can go anywhere. These girls have already seen some winter and mud already but don’t let that slow ya down- these girls are gaining daily with the weather cooperating now.

Total Hd


Cattle Age


Cattle Breed

Black Angus;Red Angus;Black Baldy

Calving Date


Bull Info

Black Angus from Fulton Angus



Home Raised


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