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Bred Cows

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3-6 yr olds/ Calve March 20th 70 days

Get a good top end sort out of these 3-6 yr old set of cows that are bred back to Broken Arrow Hereford or Murnion Black Angus bulls to calve March 20th for 70 days, the cows have had the Virashield 6 VL5 and been poured. These where purchased and bred back into the ranches program- you can buy with confidence on the breeding. The cows will be ultrasound tested prior to shipping and will be available to ship 10-15 thru 11-1. Contract now with 30% down.
With current calf markets, right now, right here, might just be the set to fill the big calf contract for next fall. Having bred females puts ya in the drivers seat in these times.

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Cattle Breed

Black Angus;Black Baldy

Calving Date


Bull Info

Broken Arrow Hereford and Murnion Black Angus



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