Located Near Hulett, WY.

Bred Cows

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Coming 3 yr olds- Home Raised-1 Iron-Calve April 24th

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All home raised, 1 iron , coming 3 yr olds that are carrying their 2nd calf. Years of breeding in this set of fancy Red Angus cows that are bred back to Flatwater and Campbell Red Angus. They will start April 24th for 60 days. Developed to be the low input, work for a livin’, type of momma cow. After all it is herd rebuilding time and my what a set of reds to begin the journey with. Cows to be preg checked yet and seller willing to give shots of your choice.

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Red Angus

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Flatwater Red Angus and Campbell Red Angus


Very Gentle

Home Raised


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