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Bred Heifers

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Jan-Feb Calving Reds!

LOOKY HERE! A nice big load of Red Angus heifers bred to calving ease Red Angus bulls and they will start calving Jan. 22nd thru Feb 20th. They have had Virashield 6 VL5,Anthrax and Multimin shots and poured with Ivermectin. Heifers weigh in at 925-950# and have an excellent disposition. These have been worked with horses, four wheelers and dogs. You want big calves come fall and a beautiful set of replacement cows? Take a look at this deal.

Total Hd


Cattle Age

2 yr old’s

Cattle Breed

Red Angus

Calving Date

Jan. 22nd-Feb. 20th

Bull Info

Red Angus calving ease bulls


Very Gentle

Home Raised


Cow Weight