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Bred Heifers

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Bred heifers-Ai’d for March 1st to McKellar O’Malley

A big jag of these fancy heifers are Ai’d to McKellar O,Malley to calve March 1st with the balance being bull bred to LD Capitalist 316 Grandsons and will be done around May 9th. These 900-950# fancy heifers have had the Bovishield Gold FP5 VL5 and poured with Dectomax, have been fed roughage only of Alfalfa, cornstalks and rye and certainly show the part. They will be ultrasound tested end of August and you can take just the Ai’d or just bull breds or all to go, by the middle to end of September, just whatever fits your fancy and with only 10% down now your cattle buying days can be laid to rest- on to fishing or getting ready for fall hunting season maybe?

Total Hd


Cattle Age

2 yr old’s

Cattle Breed

Black Angus/Black Baldy

Calving Date


Bull Info

Ai’d- McKellar O,Malley, Bull bred- LD Capitalist 316 Grandsons


Very Gentle

Home Raised


Cow Weight