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Bred Heifers

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AI’d to Hickock- Calve Feb. 5th- Nov. ship date

A beautiful sort of all Black heifers that have all been Ai’d to Hickock to calve Feb. 5th. These girls are the top shelf sort and they do it every year, heifers weigh in at 950-1000# now and will be around the 1100# mark at calving time. They have had the prebreeding shots, worked horseback and on foot and dang sure got some nice disposition. If you’re looking for some heifers developed up to be “No Worries” type and bred to one of the finest AI sires that will assure that, ya better give us a shout and get these under contract now with a ship date of November 1-5th. Take one or both loads!

Total Hd


Cattle Age

2 yr old’s

Cattle Breed

Black Angus

Calving Date


Bull Info

Hickok 7242


Very Gentle

Home Raised


Cow Weight