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Bred Heifers

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Ai’d to calve Feb. 1st/ Cleaned up to be done March 1st!

Get a top sort on the 55 hd of heifers out of 110 hd. The girls were Ai’d to True North and Baldrige Justus to calve Feb. 1st and then Jorgensen Angus bulls finished up to be done by March 1st so ya get a real tight calving window and some super good breeding done on this set. The dolls have had Preguard shot and poured with Dectomax. They originated out of Wy. and MT., have been worked on foot and four wheeler, and are cake broke. The green tag heifers in the video are the set. Contract now and take delivery the end of October.

Total Hd


Cattle Age

2 yr old’s

Cattle Breed

Black Angus

Calving Date


Bull Info

Ai’d to True North and Baldridge Justus Jorgensen Angus on bull breds


Very Gentle

Home Raised


Cow Weight