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Bred Heifers

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30 Days Calving-March 1st-WOW

Hey, Hey! Looky what showed up! Once again we get the chance to market this beautiful set of coming 2 yr old bred heifers, Bred to mostly Pharo Cattle calving ease bulls. These girls have had Express VL5 FP5 and Endovac-Beef prior to breeding and full calfhood vaccination program. Weigh in at 950# now and will be easily 1000-1025 by calving,. Have been worked horseback, dogs and on foot. All ultrasound tested into the tight window. You want a tight calving, sleep easy set of beautiful heifers don’t hesitate cause these will not be around long.

Total Hd


Cattle Age

Coming 2 yr old

Cattle Breed

Black Angus/Black Baldy

Calving Date

March 1st – April 1st

Bull Info

Calving Ease Angus Bulls, Mostly Pharo Genetics



Home Raised


Cow Weight