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Tis the season- Maybe not quite the holidays yet but hey maybe, just maybe, you should treat yourself early to that special gift you deserve and what a gift these girls are!
These 85 hd are all home raised, 1 iron, Angus/Simm Angus cross, coming 2 yr olds. They have been Ai’d on June 2nd, 3rd to calve March 10th to Hoffman Hi Road or Sitz Logo, then cleanup bulls turned out for 45 days, then pulled. The cleanup bulls are sons of KG Justfied, Capitalsit 316 and Coleman Bravo. The heifers will be ultrasound tested on Sept. 3rd with calculated data on every heifer. The girls are bangs vaccinated and will receive Virashield 6 VL5 and be poured with Cleanup at preg check, they all carry the EID tag and will weigh in around 1100-1150# by ship date of late November. Beat the heat and contract these now with just 15% down and balance due prior to ship date.

Home Raised- 1 Iron- Ai’d to start March 10th- Cleaned up for 45 days!
Total Hd: 85
Cattle Breed: Black Angus/Black Baldy
Cattle Age: 2 yr old’s
Calving Date: 3/10/25-4/25/25
Bull Info: Ai’d- Hoffman Hi Road & Sitz Logo Bull bred- Sons KG Justified, Capitalist 316 and Coleman Bravo
Cow Weight: 1100-1150
Home Raised: Yes
Disposition: Very Gentle
Program: Bangs vaccinated, this fall will get Virashield 6 VL5 and poured with Cleanup
Located near Tryon, NE
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Get a good sort of some bigger heifers. 18 hd are Ai’d to Wolverine to calve March 14th, the balance will calve March 20th for 55 days and are bred to Redd Ranches Black Angus calving ease, low PAP score bulls. These are some sweet hi-elevation developed heifers and are easy to sell every year. They have had the Virashield 6 VL5 and been poured with Ivermec. There would only be 7 hd of reds on this deal with the balance all blacks.

Lot BH212B


Total Hd: 64
Cattle Breed: Black Angus/Black Baldy/Red Angus
Cattle Age: 2 yr old’s
Calving Date: 3/14/24-5/10/24
Bull Info: Ai’d- Wolverine Bull bred- Composure and Redd Ranches Black Angus
Cow Weight: 1050-1075
Home Raised: Bought
Disposition: Very Gentle
Program: Virashield 6 VL5, poured with Ivermec
Located near LaSal, UT

This type is getting harder to get- These girls are Ai’d to Connealy Courage to start March 20th then cleaned up with Sons of Calvo and should be done in 45 days. A real eye catching set of gentle, solid black dollies that have had the Virashield 6 VL5 and have been wormed. Hi-elevation type here and you will not be disappointed in the quality.

Lot BH214A


Total Hd: 44
Cattle Breed: Black Angus
Cattle Age: 2 yr old’s
Calving Date: 3/20/24-5/15/24
Bull Info: Ai’d-Connealy Courage Bull bred- Sons of Calvo
Cow Weight: 1050
Home Raised: Bought
Disposition: Gentle
Program: Virashield 6 VL5 & Oral wormer
Located near Koosharem, UT

A smaller package but certainly not short on quality here. These girls carry 3/4 Ohlde genetics and are bred back to Ohlde breeding out of Open A Genetics from ND. All home raised, 1 iron, are in the Vac 45 program and have been poured. Nice gentle, easy working girls and if you know the Ohlde program you know the type. Seller just tightening up the calving window.

Lot BH314A


Total Hd: 15
Cattle Breed: Black Angus;Black Baldy
Cattle Age: 2
Calving Date: 4/5/2024-5/31/2024
Bull Info: Ohlde Black Angus
Cow Weight: 1100
Home Raised: Yes
Disposition: Very Gentle
Program: Vac 45, poured
Located near Sundance, Wy.

Get em” quick and get em’ right- A sweet load of Red Angus/F-1 cross heifers that are right against calving and are bred to Sons of Final Answer to start calving April 10th for 50 days. These girls go back into the Above & Beyond Red Angus breeding with a Hereford cross for a real sweetheart set of replacement cows with some milking and longevity in them. All one iron, home raised with brand on the left rib. They have had the Virashield 6 VL5 and poured with Ivermectin.

Lot BH404B


Total Hd: 50
Cattle Breed: Red Angus;Red Baldy
Cattle Age: 2
Calving Date: 4/10/2024-5/30/2024
Bull Info: Sons of Final Answer
Cow Weight: 1000-1025
Home Raised: Yes
Disposition: Gentle
Program: Virashield 6 VL5, poured with Ivermectin
Located near Moorcroft, Wy.