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Hello and welcome to Williamson Land & Cattle! 

We buy and sell bred cows, bred heifers, and pairs to ranchers from all over the US. Our team helps you with purchasing cattle or selling cattle, while you and your livestock stay in your environment. After being in the cattle industry for 20+ years, we understand how sale rings and brokers work. Over time, we became frustrated with the traditional way of selling cattle because we didn’t have a say in the price. Throughout the entire year, we spent countless hours to ensure our livestock were the best they could be, and in the end, we had to answer to what the sale ring was going to bring that day. 

We decided we were going to do things differently, and started selling and marketing our cattle on our own. After seeing major success with this, our neighbors and friends asked if we’d help sell their cattle. Pretty soon we were in high demand which is why we decided to take this opportunity to help as many ranchers as we could.

Now, we help ranchers all over the country find the best fit cattle for their operation while delivering consistent, reliable, stress-free transactions. We are licensed and bonded through the USDA. In 2021 alone, we ran 30,000 head through our operation. Our way of purchasing cattle and selling cattle is smoother, simpler, and more relaxed than the traditional way of selling. We help you sell your cattle for the value they are worth, as well as help you find the right type of cattle that will fit into your operation. With the major labor shortage, we will be there to help preg check, sort the cattle, and prep them for shipping. We line up trusted trucks so you don’t have to worry about who will be hauling your cattle. We charge only when the cattle are sold through our operation. Up until then, there is no fee.

For every sale, we require the buyer and seller to provide thorough information regarding themselves and the cattle they want to sell or purchase. That way, there are no surprises, and the sellers are able to meet expectations while maximizing profits.

Our Purchasing Cattle Process Is Efficient and Stress-Free:

We visit the seller: Our team visits the seller to look at the cattle in-person. After assessing the producer’s needs, we determine a market price, and take pictures and video of the cattle. 

We go to work: We bring the photos and video back to our marketing team so they can use them to share the cattle on social media, ads, and the website. 

We connect with buyers: Our crew begins fielding calls from those purchasing cattle, assessing their needs. We then try to match those needs to the inventory that is available in the market. 

We prepare the herd: We go back to the seller, help them sort cattle, preg check, and document brands. We can administer any desired vaccinations or ear tags at the buyer’s expense.

We provide thorough documentation: We load the cattle and provide a handwritten note, health records, and other helpful information in a folder. 

We communicate: We go back to the seller and provide a sale summary, timeframe, and buyer information in a folder. We talk to each customer 24-48 hours after receiving the cattle to gauge their satisfaction with the cattle and the transaction. 

This process ensures the best possible outcome for both the buyer and the seller, and it’s why so many ranchers come back to us again and again.

Our Staff

Bud Williamson

Sales & Marketing

Rusty Williamson


Keona Huckins

Office Administrator

Chuck Cosgrove

Operations & Logistics

Levi Williamson

Field Rep -
rep's in Wy, SD, ND, MT, CO

Lon Larsen

Field Rep -
rep's in Wy, SD, ND, MT, CO, NE, UT, KS, TX & more

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