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Williamson Land and Cattle work with producers to market their cow-calf pairs. If you are interested in selling your cattle, feel free to reach out. Below you will find our current lots for sale. Can’t find what you are looking for? Let us know.

Lot CP1014H

3 Black angus cows with red calves and 1 Red Angus cow with a red calf, All 3-4 yr old’s with hearty babies at side. Cows have had Virashield 6 VL5 and poured with Ivermectin, are eligible to ship anywhere. The calves have had Ultrabac 7, bull calves cut. They do carry a right hip brand. Classy little set of young pairs.

Total Hd: 4
Cattle Breed: Black Angus/Red Angus
Cattle Age: 3-4 yr old’s
Calving Date: April 1st-May 31st
Bull Info: Black Angus Jorgensen Land & Cattle Bulls
Disposition: Very Gentle
Home Raised: Bought
Cow Weight: 1150
Moorcroft, WY


Lot CP1004B

RARE FIND- True fall Heifer Pairs!

3 nice loads of some beautiful angus 2 yr old’s with August-October calves at side, these girls are super gentle, weigh in around 1050#. Calves are Hereford sired and tagged to match mothers. Contract now for delivery by Nov 10th. No bull exposure yet.

Total Hd: 120
Cattle Breed: Black Angus
Cattle Age: 2 yr old’s
Calving Date: Aug. 8th-Nov. 15th
Bull Info: Horned Hereford
Disposition: Very Gentle
Home Raised: Yes
Cow Weight: 1050
Located Near Salina, KS


Lot CP927E

Fall Pairs-Ship Nov.

2 nice loads of young 3-4 yr old Black Angus cows with August/Sept. babies at side, calves will be vaccinated with Vision 7 and Vista Once on October 10th, calves sired by Ingalls Angus bulls have been back with the cows. 1200# average and in good flesh. These girls can go under contract now and ship around Nov. 10th. Call for details!

Total Hd: 98
Cattle Breed: Black Angus/Black Baldy
Cattle Age: 3-4 yr old’s
Calving Date: Aug. 24th-Oct. 5th
Disposition: Average
Home Raised: Bought
Cow Weight: 1200
Located Near Buffalo, SD.


Lot CP805A

June/July Pairs

Okay not many of these around-1 nice load of 3-5 yr old cows with June-July calves at side, Cows have had 8 way, Pyramid 5 and poured with Ivermectin. The calves are slick and have not had any shots. Seller just running short on pasture, so these young girls are ready for a new home.

Total Hd: 37
Cattle Breed: Black Angus/Red Angus/Black Baldy
Cattle Age: 3-6 yr old’s
Bull Info: Black Bulls
Disposition: Average
Home Raised: Bought
Cow Weight: 1200
Located Near Weiser, ID.